Luscious and crispy boneless grilled chicken wings stuffed with delectable fillings:

- Original Michi, original fried rice, juicy corn and pea, and seasoned ham.

- Spicy Michi, house special SPICY fried rice and spicy seasoned powder on top.

- Kimchi Michi, sweet, sour, and spicy Kimchi fried rice.

- Cheesy Michi, cheesy and buttery corn.

- Chewy Michi, flavorful Chinese style sausage, superb salty egg yolk, with chewy sweet rice.


Mini waffle cone fill with appetizing avocado paste, seasoned shrimp.


Curl cucumber shred with fresh and fruity sauce.

Spinach Salad

Baby spinach, pine nuts and croutons with special Thousandisland sauce.

Squid Ink Spaghetti

Spaghetti blacken with Squid ink, on creamy seafood white sauce.

Green Sauce Pasta

Special green sauce pasta, dry and fresh. Optional lemongrass chicken.

Omelette Rice with Tomato Beef Stew

Silky omelette on seasoned rice, with delicious tomato beef stew.

Succulent Dessert

Fruity mango passion fruit pudding with cute Succulent shape, on smoothy chocolate mousse